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I was about nine or ten. Just before Father’s Day, we all went to Topps to get gifts for Dad. I had about a dollar and decided instead of getting Dad a gift; I would buy a training bra (for the bargain price of 50¢), and get one of the others to put my name on their gift. However, nobody would put my name on their gift… and rightly so!

HenrySBowles.jpg (119253 bytes)After dinner on Father’s Day the gifts for Dad were being presented, and Hank said “Dad, ask Suzy what she gave you!” Well everyone, including Mom, burst out laughing and I was so embarrassed that I ran to my room.

There I was crying on my bed, feeling greedy and guilty!!! Dad came back and sat on my bed. He said, “Hey Chum, it’s OK. I got lots of other things and I guess you really needed that.” You know he could never really talk with us girls and use words like “bra” with us. I told him I was so sorry and would make it up to him. But just hearing his words, and the forgiveness in his voice made me feel like it was all right. 

I related that story to my boys recently, and it made me once again remember how blessed I was to have a GREAT DAD! What's your favorite Dad Story? This page is not linked to the rest of the site, so it's private. To honor our Dad for Father's Day, please share your favorite story with the rest of us!

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John P. Bowles


Yes, weren't we fortunate to have the fun loving Dad that Henry Bowles was to all of us! As a child Dad represented fatherhood and responsibility. And my fondess memories were the Saturday morning trips to Sunset Foods, updating the Kortese's on our family activities and loading (unloading) tons of food. I actually believed that Dad owned the Food Store.. and as I can recall we were treated that way by the workers. Of course everyone can recall Dad's big heart and the end of the day mission to some poor family in Zion that would always share in trips to Sunset Foods. Yes, Dad created that genuine trait of giving and sharing in me, that I so much cherish. As an adult, I certainly appreciated Dad's ability to rebound from set-backs that would destroy most people. He would talk and move from deal to deal, never closing on the "big one", yet just as excited and driven to achieve as though success was only a small fraction of the art. Each time I achieve or create a deal, I look up to the sky, whisper to Dad and ask him for guidance on the next one. Happy Father's Day!!!! Johnny



It is really too bad that only two of Henry's children could think of something good to say about their Dad.

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