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Model of Mentoring Levels 

The Web Mason staff recently drafted a proposal to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) – BusinessLINC Program for the Southeastern Wisconsin Contracting Industry Coalition (SWICIC). The SBA awarded a five-year contract to the coalition. The purpose of the contract is to facilitate business-to-business relationships between large corporations and small businesses located in a six county area of Southeastern Wisconsin.
As a function of proposal development and later, contract mobilization planning, The Web Mason developed specific strategies to recruit and retain large corporate participation in the program. Our research indicated three major benefits of mentoring enjoyed by large companies:

Develop Business in a New Market Sector

Mentoring can be a cost effective means by which a corporation can enter a new geographic area or market to a new group of customers, resulting in a competitive advantage. Smaller firm often possess the expertise needed to capture market share in formerly untapped, neglected markets. E.g.: urban areas and minority consumer markets.

Improve Their Supplier/Subcontractor Base

A reliable and loyal supplier/subcontractor base is crucial to large corporation’s success; suppliers and subcontractors can positively impact profit margins, quality, timeliness of delivery and service. Additionally, if a corporation is developing new sales channels, they may need to seek out new suppliers and subcontractors uniquely qualified to provide specialized products or services.

Enhancing The Local Business Climate

Mentoring is a “hands on” approach that large businesses can take to stimulate local small business development and increases the quality of life within these communities. It is also a means by which the large business can capitalize on the unprecedented growth and prosperity of minority and women owned businesses located in the inner city.

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